Comprehensive Guide to X-scape to Financial Freedom

Budget-It-Yourself (BIY) will provide you a new way to approach everything you thought you knew about the fundamentals of budgeting! Throw away that learned behavior as it relates to managing money because this book will break down why tried and tested methods don’t work for everyone! Get ready to take a holistic approach when managing your money and building that wealth nest egg that only a small percentage of Americans get to enjoy as they age. In this book, you’ll be guided on how to take your financial situation and decompress it in such a way that allows you to reconnect only the most important elements of your finances which will surely assist in your renewed managerial skillset over money. The three major sections of the book will setup how to approach the management of your finances: 1) Understanding Your Taxes 2) Understanding Debts and Your Credit 3) Creating and Keeping a Budget. Within this book, you will also find real-life, relevant tips, and tricks as well as advice about financial management geared towards helping you understand that learned behavior (i.e., my parents did it this way so that’s why I do it this way) isn’t always correct. Make today the first day you decide not to be complacent with financial mediocrity! As you already know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results and this book is going to give you the knowledge needed to switch it up to get a different outcome and better results.